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Isolate - No THC
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Turmeric Essential Oil in a No THC, 600mg per ounce CBD Oil.

Turmeric CBD Essential Oil Spray is for topical use only.  It provides all of the triditional benefits of Turmeric essential Oil with the additional benefits of a NO THC, 600ml per ounce, CBD Oil.  Do Not ingest this Oil.  It feels good after a hard day at work or play or anytime you feel you would like it.

Our merchant account has determined that including the Triditional Uses of the essential oils in our CBD blends is in viloation of FDA/FTC regulations. You can get information on the essential oil in this blend by visiting https://www.goAVNP.com.  Also, we have provided a link directly to Turmeric essential oil.

This CBD Spray contains the Essential Oil of Turmeric.  The Turmeric Essential Oil is ten percent of the total volume of the NO THC, 600mg CBD per ounce Oil spray.

**As a full spectrum distillate dilution, this oil contain a small amount of THC, (below the legal limit of .3%).
Zero Tolerance Professions/Employers:  Although there is a very small amount, the THC in a full spectrum oil could show in a blood test.  
People in positions having a zero-tolerance for THC should only use products made from a CBD Isolate.  An isolate will have only CBD and no other cannabinoids.

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