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Cold pack and insulated box for Summer Shipping!
Depending on the time it takes your order to arrive, it may not be cold or cool; however, it will have been cold when packed, and kept cool over most of its journey to you and protected from high temperatures.
With FREE Shipping on orders over $35, the cost of the cold pack is less than what you would have paid for shipping...much less. A GREAT value.
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Price: $5


This Box is great for small and medium size orders.  All of the items shown in the picture will fit in one box!
If you have a large order and you want all your oils in a Cold Pack Box, simply purchase several boxes.
Also, if you order too many boxes we will credit you.  Should you need more we will advise you.

If your order total is over $35, you pay no shipping charges just the $5 for the Insulated Box and Cold Pack.


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