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Retailers Offer Essential Oils...Not!

I mentioned recently that we did some testing of oils sold by big national retailers.  I am talking Major Retailers.  International companies in the Retail anything, to the specialty Retail stores that specialize in vitamins and foods.   So you have an idea who I am talking about.   

My interest was spurred by the pricing and the labeling of the products.  I see things like PureOil, 100% Pure, Pure Essential Oil, 100% Natural and the list goes on and on.  First things first, a consumer needs to know what they want and how to use it.  Remember our slogan, "An Educated Consumer is our best Customer".  Well, a new slogan is "Only an Educated Consumer can Protect Themselves".   Do you want a Pure High-Quality Essential Oil with no additives or a Pure High-Quality Essential Oil with a carrier oil added or a mix of Pure EO with some fragrance oils or you don't care what it is made up of, you just want it to smell the way you want it to smell?  If you want a Pure, High-Quality Essential Oil then you MUST read the labeling very carefully.  Usually, they tell you that something other than the EO has been added and they say exactly what has been added: However: This is not always True.

I wanted to know what was in the $9.95 30ml bottle of "Lavender".  I wanted to know how they could be selling a 30ml bottle for about half the price of my 20ml bottle.  How?   I also wanted to know why the label listed the "lavender" inside as a possible respiratory irritant.  Why?  It was not Lavender, It was not even Lavandin.  It was junk.  It was all man-made chemicals.   Some of the compounds you would not want to get near your body or Olfactory system.  Scary.  Why Scary?   Well maybe not scary for those of us that know better but you do not have to look far to know that Essential Oils are growing in popularity much faster than education on Safety of Essential Oils and how to use them.  The companies (MLMs) that are responsible for the exploding expansion of Essential Oil popularity do not help by making them so expensive and giving little safety information.  Most people in MLMs get just enough information to be dangerous and after spending a lot of money for very little, and never making it as a Network Marketing person, those same people now go looking for the deal.  Because their knowledge is so little and in most cases flawed, they fall victim to deceptive marketing practices.  In addition, many who may have heard and read little of EOs shop on price.  It there is one thing I can say it is that EOs cannot be purchased base on price only.

I reference little knowledge above and let me expound on that so you understand where I am coming from.  I receive phone calls frequently from these new experts in essential oils who have attended a recruitment meeting and signed up with a network marking company.  They question why my oils are priced so low and then tell me that my oils cannot be pure.  In fact, they insist that my oils are not pure.  I ask them where they get their oils and how they know what they are getting is the best.  The answer I hear is that XYZ MLM company told them that XYZ’s oils are the best and anyone selling oils cheaper cannot be offering pure or high-quality oils.  The conversation gets to the point where they are trying to recruit me into their organization. LOL, I have commented on this before and for the sake of keeping this post on track with the testing of the oils, I will stop here on the MLM issue.

The next two oils that were labeled pure lavender were actually lavandin.  Is there a difference?  YES.  Lavindin is not Lavender and Lavandin's price is much less than Lavender.  But it did not stop there, in addition to being Lavandin these oils were also stretched with natural cheaper compounds.  The icing on the cake here is that both were being sold at Extremely Large Retail stores, really really big ones with thousands of outlets nationwide.  In addition one of the two oils is labeled with a brand name that is known for quality...A Trusted Brand.  Not knowing good from bad it would be a brand name you would purchase being comfortable with the name, a trusted brand, Not anymore.

Now I come to a new brand called PureOil.  You must read the label to know that that the pure oil in PureOil is several pure oils.  The main oil is Olive oil.  My gripe here is they should label the product a Dilution and give the percentage of the Essential Oil.  I did not have this oil tested but just looking at the label my first reaction is "pure lavender oil" but I needed to read the label to see that the bottle labeled Lavender was actually a Lavender dilution.  Sorry, No warm and fuzzy feeling here.  

Finally, I have some good news. The Lavender sold by Appalachian Valley Natural Products and Ancient Healing Oils is Pure, High-Quality Lavender Oil with no additives.  There was one other oil sold in high-end grocery stores and stores promoting whole foods.  I am not going to say the name but they are the company with the square bottle and the worst looking label, LOL, but you got a love em.  Yes, that is correct.  The lease of eye appeal, in my opinion, the least amount of hype, also pure Lavender Oil.

More to come!