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Ylang Ylang Complete OilYlang Ylang Complete
Complete as in NOT Fractionated.

Our Ylang Ylang Complete comes to us from Madagascar.

The Flowers are Wild Grown and Steam Distilled.
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Botanical Name:

  (Cananga odorata)


Part Used:   Flower
 Distillation Method:   SD (help)
Agro Class:   WG  (help)


Principle Uses:   ROOM FRAGRANCE: This oil may be used in oil burners, but better results will be forthcoming using pumped diffusers. The oil may be added to pot pourri, but only a drop or two, as some people dislike the concentrated fragrance.

BATHS: A few drops of the oil may be used for the same purposes as 'massage', or simply for a soak in a bath containing a mentally uplifting, luxurious fragrance.

MASSAGE: This oil has been widely used to relieve stress induced ailments such as: Hyper-ventilation; depression; anxiety; hyper-activity; it may assist in lowering a high blood pressure if this is stress related; it may calm a rapid or uneven heartbeat if this is due entirely to stress. It has a reputation for aiding male impotence, or female frigidity, if these conditions are associated with stress or anxiety.

OTHER USES: 10 drops of Ylang oil diluted in 5 ml. of fractionated coconut oil can make an excellent personal perfume. Applied to the skin, this fragrance can last for several hours and is a good way of enhancing a special night out, a party, or when seduction is in the air.
Safe uses:  

It may cause skin irritation in individuals who are sensitive to certain perfumes and cosmetics. Some people dislike the concentrated oil and may develop a psychosomatic headache or nausea after only short exposure. Keep all essential oils well away from the eyes, and children.


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