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Rosemary Verbenone
The finest Rosemary verbenone we have found having a clean fresh scent. This oil is perfect for Aromatherapists. Although it would make a wonderful smelling soap, due to limited production and the high cost of the oil, it is not cost effective for soap making.
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Botanical Name:

  (Rosmarinus officinalis Lamiaceae)


Part Used:   Flower
 Distillation Method:   SD (help)
Agro Class:  

WG (help)

Lot#:   ITH6-HS
Principle Uses:   Mental Alertness, Memory Arthritis Hair Tonic Skin Rejuventation Liver, Bladder Support Ear Infection Hepatitis Muscular Pain / Weakness 6th Chakra (Brow Chakra)
Properties:   Antiseptic Anti-toxic Stimulant Analgesic Anti-depressant Antispasmodic Decongestant

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