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Orange Sweet Portugal

Orange Sweet
Our Orange Sweet is produced in Portugal.

The Rind is Organic and Cold Pressed.
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Botanical Name:

  (Citrus sinensis)


Part Used:   Rind
 Distillation Method:   CP (help)
Agro Class:    EF (help)
Lot#:   POP2-PY
Principle Uses:   Mainly in the food flavor trade. Some use in fragranced products.
Properties:   There are many varieties and origins of orange oils. The main difference is in their respective fragrances. Some are sweeter, some are more flowery and some mild. This variety has sweeter, milder top notes than the others. This oil makes an ideal room fragrance and blends well with many other oils. It has been shown in tests to improve work efficiency when diffused in the air. In massage it is used as a relaxing fragrance for stress and emotional problems.
Safe uses:  

Be aware that most expressed Orange oils can cause photo sensitization if the skin is exposed to bright sunlight or other sources of ultra violet light.


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