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Myrtle Leaf Red Cineole

Myrtle Leaf Red Cineole
Our Myrtle Leaf, Red comes to us from Tunisia.
The Leaves are Wild Crafted and Steam Distilled.
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Botanical Name:

  (Myrtus communis)


Part Used:   Leaf
 Distillation Method:   SD (help)
Agro Class:   WC  (help)
Lot#:   TNE6-EG
Principle Uses:   In food seasonings. In the fragrance trades for soaps and lotions etc.
Properties:   Some aromatherapists use this oil to help soothe anger, fear, despair and lack of composure in their clients. It is antimicrobial and by inhaling the vapours it may ease bronchial infections and upper respiratory tract infections. It may also ease spasmodic coughs arising from these conditions.

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