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Eucalyptus Lemon
Our Eucalyptus Lemon comes to us from China.
The Leaves are Wild Crafted and Hydro-Diffused.
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Botanical Name:

  (Eucalyptus citriodora)


Part Used:   Leaf
 Distillation Method:   HD (help)
Agro Class:   WC  (help)
Lot#:   CHX14-XY
Principle Uses:   ROOM FRAGRANCE: Ideal for use in room diffusers, in an oil heater, or just a few drops on some tissue placed on a hot water radiator. Its persistent and pleasant, fresh-lemony fragrance can be detected several hours after use. Due to this tenacity it is ideal as a natural air freshener.

BATHS: The oil imparts a most pleasant relaxing aroma when around 6 drops are added to the bathwater. The fragrance persists, and when used in the bathroom it can still be detected after many hours. It can also gently perfume the skin for several hours following a bath.

MASSAGE: It can be used individually (diluted in fixed oil), or, when mixed with other essential oils, it can enhance the overall effects required. It produces mental ‘UNWINDING’ without the mild sedation associated with oils like Lavender.

AS AN INHALANT: Mix with oils such as Lavender & Sandalwood to ease the congestion and inflammation of ailments like colds, influenza, hayfever. if you mix this oil with ordinary Eucalyptus it subdues the unpleasant smell of this oil and may help enhance its antimicrobial properties.
,br> A PERSONAL DEODORANT/PERFUME: A few drops can be added to shampoos or other detergents to improve their fragrance.
Properties:   The leaves and occasionally the flower buds are steam distilled and yield 1-2% of oil. The essential oil is colorless to pale-yellow. It has a strong, rosy-citronella-like odor with a sweet Melissa-like dry out note. The fragrance is very reminiscent of a mixture of Lemon balm and Geranium.
Safe uses:  

Keep the oil away from children and the eyes.
To minimize contact sensitivity, always use a carrier oil when applying Eucalyptus to the skin.


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