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Cubeb Java Pepper
From Indonesia also known as Java pepper, it's a plant similar to cardamom.
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Botanical Name:

  (Peper cubeba)


Part Used:   Berry
 Distillation Method:   SD (help)
Agro Class:    WG (help)
Principle Uses:   The essential oil from cubeb can help in aiding treatment for some respiratory tract issues like asthma and coughing. It can also be used to treat bronchitis.
Safe uses:  

It can also be used to cure oral health issues and dental diseases as well as help relieve indigestion and prevent nausea. It is also used when people experience loss of voice and sore throat. It is also an effective halitosis solution. Cubeb oil has an antibacterial property that can help in prohibiting bacterial growth in the digestive system or in the mouth, thereby curing halitosis with continuous and proper usage.


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