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Valoré Blend Essential OilsValoré Blend Essential Oils
Valoré Blend is not a harsh wake up but a smooth, relaxing yet stretching blend of Essential Oils. This blend will encourage and strengthen. It will lift you up giving you a feeling of empowerment but in a very mild calming manner. It will put you at ease. As always, we highly recommend that one use a carrier in application directly to the skin.
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Botanical Name:

  All Natural


Properties    Contains: Blue Tansy,Frankincense,Rosewood, Spruce and Fractionated Coconut

This oil contains a very small amount of a carrier oil, Fractionated Coconut, and we Strongly recommend you dilute this blend if you are
applying it to the skin.

Please use Essential Oils responsibly and if you do not know what responsibly is contact an Aroma Therapists FIRST.  EOs are highly concentrated and if applied to the skin should always be applied with a carrier/fixed oil. The use of a carrier oil will also extend the usage you get from every bottle.


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