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Sen Dor Blend is a great blend of The Highest Quality Pure Essential oils Selected specifically for their ability to bring relief from inflammation and the pain that accompanies it. I personally designed this blend for my aching body and I have used it with great results. The aroma gives a calming yet energizing presence.
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Botanical Name:

  N/A All pure High Quality Essential Oils


Principle Uses:   Contains: Clove, Helichrysum, Wintergreen, Peppermint
  Principle Uses:  

If applied to the skin you must use it with a CARRIER OIL. Sen Dor is refreshing and cooling. Ah…. That feels good.  

Please use Essential Oils responsibly and if you do not know what responsibly is contact an Aroma Therapists FIRST.  EOs are highly concentrated and if applied to the skin should always be applied with a carrier/fixed oil. The use of a carrier oil will also extend the usage you get from every bottle.


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