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Peppermint CO2
Peppermint CO2
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Botanical Name:

  (Mentha piperita)


Part Used:   Herb
 Distillation Method:   CO2 (help)
Lot#:   2USW05-WG
Principle Uses:  

This is a very clean, strong and sweet Peppermint very similar to the steam distilled in aroma.

ROOM FRAGRANCE: To waken up a tired mind and aid concentration. This oil, in the working environment, is ideal where sustained attention to complex tasks is needed, i.e. doctors; nurses; drivers; students; air traffic controllers; pilots; writers; computer operators, etc. Used as a room fragrance it may relieve mild headaches caused by mental fatigue or stress, or as the result of colds and flu, but avoid too high a concentration in the air. Peppermint is often good at relieving morning sickness and other nausea. 

INHALATION: A couple of drops added to hot water and the vapor inhaled may provide temporary relief from: catarrh, sinusitis, bronchial congestion, sore throat and nausea.

BATHS: As a mental stimulant a drop or two may be added to the bath, some itchy skin conditions may be temporarily alleviated by using a drop or two (NOT MORE) in the bath. Foot baths may have Peppermint oil added as a refreshing, invigorating treatment. 

MASSAGE: Not advisable for body massage, but it may be used for foot massage. One drop of oil on a compress can help to cool fresh bruises and relieve pain. Neuralgia can be relieved by applying one drop of Peppermint and two of Lavender oil on a compress.

Safe uses:  

This oil should only be used on the skin at very low levels. Mint oil’s can cause great pain if they get into the eyes, or come into contact with delicate body tissues, therefore always handle this oil with great care. Scrub hands with liquid detergent if the oil gets on your fingers. Take care not to transfer the oil to ordinary bar soap as this could result in subsequent severe eye irritation. If the oil gets into the eyes, flushing the eye with COLD MILK is the most effective treatment, followed by cold water if necessary. Preparations containing mint oils or menthol must NOT be used close to, or on the nose of infants. Peppermint oil must be kept well away from the eyes, and keep it away from children.


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